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   NISSIN Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was established on May 28, 2003, in Bangkok, as a subsidiary of the NISSIN Group.Mr. Nishikiori Yoneichi, who is our first Group President, champions the intiate aims.
  - To contribute to the community through new business
  - To create a trustworthy company
  - To enjoy both work and life itself

We are determined to continue to provide the best products and services to our worldwide customers. Additionally,
we want to continue our history of achieving our aims in Thailand. 

Although we have already developed core technologies throughout the NISSIN Group, we are continually working
to progress into the future.

Through the adoption of new technologies and processes we intend to produce even better quality products.
We bring this mentallity to share with our Thai staff in order to build the same values and working culture. No matter where we are, our spirit and passion for continuous product advancement will never change.

We are all driven to deliver the highest quality products in order to create satisfied customers and stakeholders.,
We want to create a good working environment for all our employees that enables everyone to be happy.

Lastly, we eagerly look forward to working and collaborating with all of our worldwide customers as a trusted partner
and supplier. We greatly appreciate your continued business, advice and support.